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Linux Action Show has Ended · Michael Tunnell
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Linux Action Show has Ended main blog post image
May 7th, 2017 by Michael Tunnell
Jupiter Broadcasting
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Linux Action Show has Ended

Jupiter Broadcasting's "Linux Action Show" has now ended just shy of running for 11 Years. For those that don't know, I have been the producer for LAS since 2013 as well as many other roles in the Jupiter Broadcasting community such as: Graphic Designer (I made the latest LAS "Lower Thirds" graphics), Subreddit Moderator, IRC Operator, Mumble Admin, Website Development, and many more. I thought it might be of interest to some people to know how the ending of LAS will affect me so that's the purpose of this blog post.

I spent almost 4 years working on the Linux Action Show so it's certainly unfortunate to see it end but it is what it is. During this time I've gained a desire to do more in the Linux related media realm so in some ways the ending of LAS will be good for me. It gives me some extra time to explore some things I've been wanting to do for quite a while and I look forward to that.

My Plans for the Future:

I plan to continue my interest in Linux Advocacy in a variety of ways.

TuxDigital: I launched TuxDigital (a Linux media channel) in February 2016 with the goal to create high-quality tutorials, reviews, how-tos and so much more for the Linux community. I had to take a hiatus unfortunately for around 7 months which pretty much sucked for my momentum with the channel. However, since the announcement of LAS ending you may have noticed I have put a lot more effort in rebuilding that momentum for TuxDigital. One of the benefits for LAS ending is that I will have a more time to devote to Tux Digital than I did before and I am very excited for that.

I will also be starting my own Linux News podcast called "This Week in Linux". The goal of the podcast is to bring a concise but extensive news show to the Linux community every weekend. I have already released the first pilot episode and plan to launch the show in full very soon. I'm working on the new TuxDigital website as well as setting up media feeds for people to subscribe to.

My Writing: I plan to revitalize my writing efforts at places like so that I can share the message of Linux and Open Source in written form.

Linux Miscellaneous: I plan to devote more time to working on various Linux related projects like Antergos, Ubuntu MATE, uGet, and many more. I actually have a goal to launch a new Linux related project in the coming months that will hopefully benefit all Linux users and those interested in learning about Linux all over the world. It's a bit ambitious so I'm not going to announce what it is just yet.

Will I Be Leaving Jupiter Broadcasting?

No. I will be continuing to contribute to Jupiter Broadcasting in the form of producing for Linux Unplugged, which I've been doing so since its inception. I will continue to contribute elsewhere when possible as well.

TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read

  • Revamping my TuxDigital efforts (Linux related YouTube channel producing high-quality content)
  • This Week in Linux - Weekly Linux News podcast
  • Writing more Linux related articles
  • Work on more Linux related Projects
  • Continue to produce Linux Unplugged
  • Launch some new Linux related projects

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