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April 11th, 2015 by Michael Tunnell

My Updated 3.16 Packages For GNOME Extensions

GNOME, desktop environment project, released their latest version of 3.16 recently so I decided to make an update to my previous extension package releases. I made a similar post last year for the GNOME 3.14 Release because some of my extension broke. Unfortunately, some of those extensions are still unmaintained and thus not updated for 3.16 either. I checked the download statistics for my extension packages and as it turns out, a LOT of people appreciate these extension updates I did. My GNOME 3.14 Extension Update Packages have reached the download count of 2,310 Downloads, so far. This motivated me to continue the process and make this post for updating the extensions to GNOME 3.16. You'll find the updated 3.16 packages below.



1. These updated packages are compatible with the official packages so when the official packages update these will be overwritten and will smoothly transition into the official packages.

2. These updated packages will NOT overwrite your settings so you will not have to start over, they are compatible with existing settings.


Update 2015-04-11: 1 more extension added, Hide Top Bar.

Update 2015-04-15: 2 more extensions added, Maximus Two & Window Options.

Update 2015-04-16: 1 more extension added, Show Desktop from Overview.

Update 2015-05-17: Maximus Two was not working for some people but the latest version should solve that.


Extensions Updated: 13


I made these for myself but if there are any extensions that you'd like updated to 3.16 then just post below in the comments and I'll do what I can. If the extensions are already compatible with 3.16 and just need updating to be installable then I will do as many as possible but if the extensions are just broken with 3.16 then that will need to be fixed by the original developer.


How To Install:

The simplest way to install a GNOME Extension, outside of the site, is to use the GNOME Tweak Tool. This tool should be included in your distro's official repos but if you have any trouble with installing it just comment down below. I've made the rest of the tutorial in a image gallery style so here it is.