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September 8th, 2014 by Michael Tunnell

Apps.Ubuntu.Com Should Replace The Ubuntu Software Center

This video/blog post is to express my opinion about the website should replace the Ubuntu Software Center. The site can do absolutely everything that the USC can do and a lot of things that the USC actually can't do. There are many reasons as to why the USC should be replaced by this website and in the video I address a few of these reasons.

The reasons in the video are:

  • Speed, the website is so much faster and easier to navigate than the USC.
  • Usability, the website can benefit from the browser's Tab Browsing features where as the USC has no ability to do so and it would be wasted effort to make it do it.
  • Search Functionality is a LOT better on the website for many reasons but the biggest reason is that the Search field doesn't randomly disappear for no reason like it does in the USC.
  • App Sharing, on the Website you can share new apps you find on sites like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook but in the USC you can't...AT ALL.
  • The USC has NOTHING that the Website couldn't do in terms of Application Discovery and Management. Yes, to those who just thought to themselves, "what about installed applications?", I already addressed that in the video.
  • The USC could easily be replaced with the USI (Ubuntu Software Installer) that essentially provides the same functionality as Gdebi but through APT commands.

I do acknowledge that the website is not has a lot of flaws, just as many as the USC in fact but the potential with the website is far greater than that of the USC.



I have shared this video/blog post on many different sites so far so below are some good questions that I didn't think about addressing in the video but will address them below.


"if something should replace ubuntu software center that should be appgrid."

AppGrid is proprietary licensed software so it can not be an option. (full thread on Reddit)


"Installing software is being built into the graphical shell, where it should be."

The Dash is TERRIBLE for this because of many reasons but the biggest reasons are...

  • Reviews don't work (you can't write reviews from there and you can't even read existing reviews, in fact it claims there are none for Shutter when actually there are over 200 in the USC.).

  • You MUST be in the Applications lens otherwise the results never show options to install anything.

  • You can only get one screenshot of the app and you can not even get a bigger view of that screenshot.

  • ... more reasons are available in the full response in the full thread on Reddit


"Synaptic should once again become the primary source of applications"

Synaptic is not a solution because it is not "regular user" friendly. It is easily confusing to most people so it just isn't a practical solution. (full thread on Reddit)


" has no idea what repositories and PPA you have installed locally, so that's not really a valid option."

I already addressed this in the video...but Ubuntu One already has functionality for this so connecting that to the website would solve that issue easily. (full thread on Reddit)


What do you think of this idea? Am I wrong? If so, why is that? Want to yell at me about it? That's cool too, here are places you can do that.

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