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November 17th, 2013 by Michael Tunnell

XBeamMC Send Files From Linux to Play on XBMC

Here is a demo video of the project I am working on that will allow you to send media to play on your XBMC. The project supports multiple hosts and every file format that XBMC supports.

Demo Video: http://youtu.be/s3RM3D9wfxQ


  • XBeamMC can send local files over the LAN or WiFI via Samba (NFS support planned for the future)
  • XBeamMC supports Direct URLs for streaming media over the internet. This includes any format that XBMC supports and even supports Live HLS streams.
  • XBeamMC will support over 20+ Websites at launch including but not limited to Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Break, Ustream.tv, TWiT, Revision3, Jupiter Broadcasting, Twitch.tv, IGN, The Onion, College Humor, and many more.


How it works:

Essentially the project is a script at its core but there is a lot more to it than that. It will work at launch with Firefox, Google Chrome and Chromium with various addons to send link data to the script, the script then parses the data and sends info to XBMC for XBMC to parse and launch via whatever plugin it needs to.

Lets take Youtube for example:

  1. XBeamMC is installed on the computer.
  2. Extensions/Addons are setup in whatever browser you use.
  3. You send data through the extensions/addons to XBeamMC
  4. XBeamMC parses the data to find out if a plugin is needed, if so it figures out which one and then sends the data via JSON API to XBMC.
  5. XBMC then loads the data via JSON API which then loads the plugin, if applicable, and then loads the video.

So for Youtube videos to work you would need the Youtube Video Addon installed. There is nothing to install in XBMC for XBeamMC to work...it utilizes plugins/addons that already exist.

So what do you think of my project?