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June 17th, 2013 by Michael Tunnell

Movies in Birmingham: IMAX or LIEMAX?

Want to watch Hollywood Movies on IMAX in Birmingham, AL?

The short answer is "YOU CAN'T!"

At the time of this article, there are two options that claim to be IMAX in Birmingham/Hoover unfortunately neither option deliver the experience.


What is IMAX?

As soon as you walk into an IMAX theater, the difference in this format is immediately obvious -- the screen is gigantic! There are two different versions of IMAX screens: Standard and Dome. The Standard IMAX screen is approximately 52 feet x 72 feet in size but they can be much larger. Dome IMAX screens are approximately 98 feet in diameter.






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McWane Science Center = has TRUE IMAX quality system with full 1570 resolution BUT never shows Hollywood movies very rarely and shows educational films 99.9999% of the time. (the amount of money McWane is just throwing away baffles me)



UPDATED on 06/20/2013:

I was corrected below in the Comments Section and also on Reddit that McWane Center does in fact run Hollywood Movies on a rare occasion. I said that they never did it but that was incorrect. McWane Center runs Hollywood movies about ONCE A YEAR or sometimes as many as TWICE a year. I just wanted to correct this article so people know that I am not trying to start any kind of controversy about it but my statement is still valid. McWane Center doing it once a year is better than never but if people don't know about it then they might as well not do it.

I was told that they advertise these movies but that they do this via Weld magazine and occasional flyers. They DON'T use Social Networking, Press Releases, News sources, you can't find that they do it on Google, Bing, etc without a lot of effort. So ONCE A YEAR with almost no advertising except to people who read Weld or the random people who find flyers on pure chance is not going to show McWane that they can do more and thus make more.

I made this article just because I felt like it...I had no agenda, I don't have ads so I don't make any money from it and I spent less than 3 minutes trying to get people to view it...and in 3 days I have had over 300 people view my article, even a bit of controversy on Reddit. Imagine what McWane Center could do with proper marketing of these types of movies if they actually tried.


Carmike Patton Creek 15 = claims to have Hollywood movies in IMAX but they use Digital IMAX (not true IMAX) which is just normal movies blown up to fit the screen, better known as LIEMAX.


True IMAX in Alabama
There are 3 True IMAX options in the State of Alabama...and all of them show "Educational Only". So essentially if you want to watch true IMAX quality movies in the state of have to go to Nashville, TN.


The ONLY True IMAX Option I Found
In the 5 states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi....only ONE Theater offers Hollywood movies in True IMAX and that is the Regal Opry Mills Stadium 20 & IMAX in Nashville. - Every other option is either Educational Only or LIEMAX.


A Plea to McWane Center:

Please, start offering movies that people actually want to watch. Educational videos are great for a science center but not wasting technology is also great for a science center. :)


McWane Center could be the only True IMAX Theater in the state to offer Hollywood Movies...that could generate SO MUCH MONEY! It confuses me as to why McWane doesn't at least attempt it...they already have the theater built, it isn't like there would be a lot of investment in building the theater. I'm sure there would be licensing fees but considering there would be Zero Competition (except for the LIEMAX in Hoover) it would certainly make a profit for the organization.


McWane Center closes at 6pm every day so McWane IMAX could show Hollywood Movies at 7pm and wouldn't interfere with any of McWane Center's current structure or even the Educational movies as the Hollywood movies would only air after the Science Center is closed.


Please, someone from McWane explain to me why this can't happen? Is there some cosmic reason that makes it impossible?


What do you think about my plea?




What do you think about IMAX vs LIEMAX? Do you care if it is True IMAX or not?

Please, leave a comment below...