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June 9th, 2013 by Michael Tunnell

Linux T-Shirt Concept Design - Linux is Everywhere

I decided that I wanted a Linux related T-Shirt but I couldn't find one that I liked very much...Canonical makes decent shirts for Ubuntu but I want a "Linux in general" shirt not an Ubuntu shirt. I've searched and search, there are plenty of shirts out there but they are typically very poor quality or based solely around the logos of a distribution. Logo shirts are great for distros like Arch, Linux Mint, etc but again I want a "Linux in General" shirt.


UPDATED #2 on 06/21/2013: Sorry Everyone! The Shirt is Temporarily Not For Sale!

Bad News: Spreadshirt removed the shirt due to copyright. I submitted the art a week ago which they removed it for copyright. I refuted the removal to which they then approved it. Now they removed it once again after launching it saying they have a cease and desist order for all "Linux" related printing. So it looks like I have to provide legal documents that state I have permission to use the trademark of Tux the Penguin.

Good News: I will do what I can to get the shirts for sale again as soon as possible. I'm not giving up, I want the shirt too! :)

UPDATED on 06/21/2013:

International T-Shirt Day is today so the "LiNUX IS EVERYWHERE" shirt is now On Sale! -

Proceeds of this shirt will be donated to the Linux Foundation.

FREE SHIPPING if ordered Today Only! (SpreadShirt is running this promotion today so I decided to launch the shirt today so everyone can benefit from Free Shipping. You're welcome.)

Also I've decided that this is just the beginning, I want to make more Linux related shirts and maybe some more stuff later on. EVERY product I design and sale will have proceeds donated to the foundation or organization connected to it, so if I make an Arch shirt then donations will be made to Arch Linux.


I did find a few good shirts from various websites like (1 & 2), RedBubble (1 & 2) and there are many options from Amazon, Zazzle and CafePress. Unfortunately, none of these options fit what I'm looking for so I decided to create my own shirt.


Design Concept & Purpose

The shirt reads "LiNUX IS EVERYWHERE" (obviously) this is to celebrate the spread of Linux throughout the computing world. Arguably everyone is using Linux in one way or another everyday, whether that be through the Internet, their Smartphones, at your local Library, TiVo, Desktops/Laptops, or any of the other thousands of things running Linux. I wanted to have a shirt that expressed this fact as well as possibly invoke some questions from people who might wonder what it means by "everywhere". Yes, it brags about Linux and also invokes them to ask you to brag about it more. :)


Decision to blend Tux into the background:

The design of Tux was to blend him into the background of the shirt so that only his head, part of shoulder and feet would show. The concept is kind of like "even though you may not know Linux (or Tux) is is (he is)".


Note- this shirt is not for sale, I made this just for myself and am making this blog post just to show off the design, this is not an attempt to make money off the shirt. Though if people want it then I might throw it up somewhere.


What do you think of my design? Do you have any suggestions for Linux related shirts?

Please let me know in the comments section below.