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July 24th, 2012 by Michael Tunnell

Wunderlist FogApp for Ubuntu 12.04 Released

Wunderlist is BACK on Ubuntu (12.04) equipped with Unity Integration!


Wunderlist is an outstanding To-Do List application that has a WebApp and downloads for Android, iOS, Mac OSX, & Windows but unfortunately for my fellow Linux users Wunderlist does not currently have a Linux compatible version of their application. They did used to have one but sadly it does not work for the current version of Ubuntu which is 12.04...so we made our own!

- Attention -

This is a fogapp which is a webapp based on the integration software known as Fogger, unfortunately Fogger is no longer in development and because of that we can no longer continue to maintain an app for abandoned software. If you are using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS then you can still try use our app but it will not be modified for any other versions and I'm pretty sure that it will not work with the latest verions of Wunderlist. - Note: I've moved to Todoist anyway.


Their WebApp (an application that is used on the web through a browser like Firefox or Google Chrome) works fine in general but it lacks any kind of integration features with the Ubuntu Desktop (Unity). A few weeks ago Canonical (company behind Ubuntu) launched the "Ubuntu App Showdown" and from that came Fogger, an outstanding platform for merging WebApps with Ubuntu's Unity desktop. As an avid Wunderlist user, the moment I saw the announcement for Fogger I instantly saw the possibility of bringing Wunderlist back to Ubuntu and finally to 12.04...and so I did it.



Link Removed because Wunderlist-FogApp.tar.gz is now broken for new versions of Wunderlist.



The following screenshots display the FogApp's Unity Integration and various features. These screenshots are listed in the order of: Default Window, Quicklist, HUD, Dash, and mulitple Global Menu screens.





The installation of the Wunderlist FogApp is VERY easy! All you have to do is drag and drop a few files into the right places. :) This tutorial assumes you already have Fogger installed but if you do not then go here for the PPA info.


  1. The first step is to open up the Dash and type "Fogger" you will see the option "Create a new fog app". Click that and wait for the application to display.
  2. Extract the .tar.gz file of the FogApp to get the necessary files.
  3. Open up the extracted folder, then drag and drop the Wunderlist icon to the "Create a new fog app" window to add the icon to your new FogApp
  4. In the URL field put "http://www.wunderlist.com/home", in the Name field put "Wunderlist" (or whatever you want really)
  5. Click the "Create" button to finish, now open up the Dash again and type in "Wunderlist". Click the new Wunderlist FogApp. Wunderlist FogApp will load up and be what you would expect but it will not have any Unity integration yet.
  6. Navigate to the Global Menu, select "Wunderlist" and then select "Preferences. On the next window, you will see options for resetting your Data...we are going to avoid this but if you ever need to use it, now you know where it is.
  7. Click on the "Customizations" tab on this window to get to the "good stuff".
  8. You will need to click on both the "Show Scripts" and the "Show Styles" buttons in order to load up both folders to insert the downloaded files.
  9. Now all that is left to do is to drag and drop the "scripts.js" file into the "scripts" folder then to drag and drop the "default.css" file into the "styles" folder.
  10. You will need to close and restart your Wunderlist FogApp to enable these modifications.









The Wunderlist FogApps supports further customization through Themes. In order to install a theme you must first remove the "default.css" file from the "styles" folder and then replace it with the new "css" file provided in the theme download.

Click here for downloads of existing Themes


So what do you think about our Wunderlist FogApp? Are there any features you would like? Any themes you would like?

Let us know in the comments, below.