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About · Michael Tunnell
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Hi there,

My name is Michael Tunnell, I'm a Designer / Developer / Marketer, Writer, Podcaster, Linux Enthusiast, and Open Source Advocate from Birmingham, Alabama. I've been involved with so many web, Linux, and/or open source related projects that I've lost count, this page contains a list of the projects I can remember.

Designer / Developer / Marketer

I work for, a web design and digital marketing agency, where I do a variety of different things. As a Designer, I create engaging designs for clients through websites, brand identity, logos, business cards, flyers and more. As a Developer, I create robust web applications and software for websites, customer relationship managent (CRM), content management systems (CMS), and more. As a Marketer, I help clients increase their traffic and sales through search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing and more.

Some of my latest design and development clients:


I'm the creator and main contributor to TuxDigital providing Linux related videos in the form of tutorials, reviews, walkthroughs and more for the purpose of helping people learn and enjoy Linux. I'm also a long time contributor to Jupiter Broadcasting in both production and on-air participation. I produce the Linux Action Show and I produce as well as particate on-air for Linux Unplugged.

Some of my latest TuxDigital videos:


I'm avid Linux enthusiast that advocates for the usage and adoption of Linux-based operating systems. I've been using Linux-based operating systems in one form or another for over 16 years. Throughout the years of using Linux, I've contributed to many Linux related projects.

Linux Related Projects I've Contributed to:

Open Source

I've been an Open Source advocate for many years due to my enthusiasm for Linux-based operating systems. Upon switching to Linux, I was introduced to the idea of Open Source software and I've been happily using and contributing to many projects over the years.

Open Source Related Projects I've Contributed to:

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