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Written by Michael Tunnell   
September 03, 2013

Link to original addon (Send to XBMC)


XBMC is an awesome media center software that I use on my Raspberry Pi (via Raspbmc) but one place it lacks is the ability to send some files from a computer (laptop/desktop) to play on XBMC. I found this addon for Firefox (my browser of choice) and it was really good but it didn't support all of the formats that I thought it should so I made this MT Edition (MTE) where I added many different formats to send to XBMC. This addon works on all versions of Firefox but only tested on Linux and Windows (screenshot above is Windows provided by Sano).


Note*: I am sharing this MT Edition in case someone wants to use it or if Sano wants to include it in a future update of the addon...However, I will no longer be using this addon myself because I decided it still wasn't good enough and I wanted a way to send local files to my XBMC as well but this addon can not do this and it also can't support multiple XBMC hosts. So with that said...I started working on a new project to accomplish everything this addon has and MUCH more. I will update this page when it is completed. (this new project will work with Linux only which is why this addon will stay available to Windows users)


Project Details

Version: 1.0.0
Released: August 17th, 2013
Firefox Compatibility: 19+


Project Description?

This MTE adds a total of 14 new formats to send to your XBMC.

Video: avi, flv, wmv, asf

Audio: flac, mka, m4a, aac, ogg

Pictures: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tiff


Known Issues:

Does not support sending local files from the computer to your XBMC device.

Only supports ONE host device, multiple XBMC hosts will not be likely in the future.

Does not support any sites other than Youtube, everything else requires direct links.


Download/Install: Send to XBMC - MTE

(hosted by


Are you using this addon, if so what do you think?


Keep in mind, this addon is being replace by a much better project. :)


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