Featured on Linux Unplugged to talk about KDE and OpenSUSE Print
July 16, 2015

Linux Unplugged Episode 101 - Will Flash Be Trashed?


I was featured on an episode of Linux Unplugged this past Tuesday to talk about my recent experiences with KDE, as a GNOME fanboy, and the new core structure of OpenSUSE with Leap, Tumbleweed and SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE). It was fun to do and even though my throat kind of hurt afterwards, I will most certainly be doing it again. I might not talk as much next time though. :) As a GNOME fanboy, this episode should be interesting to a lot of people, I hope,  to hear why a GNOME fanboy is using and praising KDE. (click "read more" for the video)


KDE segment starts at 51:55 with a few minutes talking about the "Week in GNOME" article.

openSUSE segment starts at 1:19:00.