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My name is Michael Tunnell, I am a Website & Graphic Designer from Birmingham, Alabama.

I have over 11 years experience designing high quality affordable websites and graphics including logos, brochures, posters, business cards and more.

14 Potential Alternatives to SourceForge for Binary Downloads PDF Print E-mail
Posted on October 18, 2014

14 Potential Alternatives to SourceForge for Binary Downloads


Updated on 22/07/2015:

added new cons due to the "hijacking" and added a misconception section to explain why people are falsely accusing SourceForge over "fake dowload buttons" and why the "hijacking" isn't hijacking.


I've seen a lot of articles from people saying that I "should look for alternatives to SourceForge" for distributing binaries for my Open Source projects. These articles make really good arguments and point a very dim light on SourceForge's download practices. Many of the reasons these articles provide are very valid reasons to look for an alternative, such as SourceForge forces users to a Download Page that serves ads and have at times displayed FAKE "Download Now" buttons that are actually just ads. Another reason for finding an alternative is that SourceForge has started bundling their own installer with downloads (opt-in), this installer contains adware and tactics to trick people into installing things like irritating toolbars. In some cases the installer uses third party servers that SourceForge doesn't have control over so this could be looked at as a massive security hole.


The DevShare Program is not listed as a Con in this article because there is one very big aspect to the DevShare Program that people seem to miss entirely, and that is the program is OPT-IN. SourceForge will NOT force the installer onto projects, the projects have to want it and have to voluntarily add themselves to the DevShare program so yes this can be an issue but it is more the fault of the projects themselves than SourceForge because SourceForge does not force this at all. The link I provided above explains in the last paragraph that it is Opt-In so no one should be hating on SourceForge for this because it isn't a requirement and therefore isn't a reason to not use the service.


All of these articles make great points but they also all do the exact same irritating useless ending...they tell you to "find an alternative" but never actually give options or even compare the different services to find out if there are any alternatives or not. I started researching this topic about 6 months ago and now I'm writing this article to take a look at 14 potential alternatives to using SourceForge for Binary Distribution. I was able to create this list thanks to the website AlternativeTo.net as well as found a few services independently from altTo.

My Updated 3.14 Packages for GNOME Extensions PDF Print E-mail
Posted on October 16, 2014

Updated packages I made GNOME 3 Extensions I use


Update: 11th April, 2015

I've updated the extensions below to be compatible with GNOME 3.16 so if you are a 3.16 user go to the GNOME 3.16 Updates Package blog post to download those.


GNOME, desktop environment project, released their latest version recently, about a month ago, and I waited for the packages to become stable in Arch Linux before I updated and that happened today. I updated earlier today and found that many of my installed extensions were no longer working which was unfortunate but not a deal breaker for me because most of the time extensions just need metadata updates which are fairly trivial. I've made some updates to the extensions I use and I thought since they haven't been updated on the official pages yet that I would make the updates and release them publicly if anyone wanted to use them.



1. These updated packages are compatible with the official packages so when the official packages update these will be overwritten and will smoothly transition into the official packages.

2. These updated packages will NOT overwrite your settings so you will not have to start over, they are compatible with existing settings.


My Installed GNOME 3 Extensions PDF Print E-mail
Posted on October 02, 2014

My Installed GNOME 3 Extensions


I am a really big fan of the GNOME 3 desktop environment because of many things but one of the biggest factors is the extendability via extensions because it allows so many customization options through these extensions so it can be modified to fit any user's preferences. Here is a list of my favorite/installed GNOME Shell Extensions.


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