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Facebook Abandons 3rd-Party Messaging so I Abandon Facebook for Telegram PDF Print E-mail
April 30, 2015

Facebook Abandons 3rd-Party Messaging, apps like Pidgin, so I Abandon Facebook.


I have been using Facebook for many years, I even convinced people to leave Myspace for Facebook back in the day so it has been a site that I promoted for a long time but now Facebook has become a shell of its former self. Facebook is now only interested in locking their users to their platform rather than allowing them to use Facebook as they see fit as it used to be. In 2009, Facebook instituted Facebook Messenger through XMPP which meant I was able to connect my Facebook account to Pidgin or any other multi-protocol Instant Messaging (IM) client that I wanted to. This was great actually because it allowed me to use Facebook Chat without being forced to keep the website open which wasted resources since at the time Facebook's website was quite bloated . . . sadly, now it is actually more bloated.


Today, April 30th 2015, Facebook killed support for 3rd Party applications, like Pidgin, forcing people to make a decision between either giving up and accepting Facebook's lock-in web-client with no ability to use a desktop client of any kind or stop using Facebook Chat altogether. I already stopped using Facebook for many aspects and the only reasons I had an account was because of (1.) Facebook Messenger through Pidgin and (2.) I'm an Internet Marketer so I have to know the system for my job. Now thanks to this stupid decision to abandon XMPP support I now have only ONE reason to use it. I am excited for the day that services like they die and fade away because then the "Open Web" will be that much stronger, as it was meant to be.


Anyway, enough of my babbling, here is the short TL:DR (Too Long : Didn't Read) reason why I made this blog post. I'm will be leaving Facebook Messenger and I'm moving to Telegram. You should come with me . . .