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(S)FTP into XBMC on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbmc and FileZilla PDF Print E-mail
April 18, 2014

If you are trying to manage your Raspbmc device over (S)FTP via FileZilla then you may have ran into a few confusing issues that I did as well so this tutorial is an attempt to make it easier and provide a step by step guide to the process. There is information scattered across the net to figure this out but I couldn't find a self-contained tutorial so I decided to do it. openELEC users, don't worry I didn't ignore y'all (yes, I'm a southerner),  when there are differences I will point out the differences in openELEC.


Why would I want to use (S)FTP to manage my Raspbmc (XMBC)?

Well there are many reasons so it is hard to narrow it down to all the options that are available to everyone but I will give you the reasons I wanted it.

  • Easily move addon zip files to the /home directory so I can easily install addons (turns out there is an even easier option for this, for a later tutorial)
  • Editing the favourites.xml file in order to edit your favorites directly in the xml...not for everyone but very handy for me.
  • View & Edit config files or addon data for any installed Addons.
  • Editing Keyboard Shortcuts which cane be done in /home/pi/keymaps/keyboard.xml (should probably make a tutorial for this too)
  • Customizing the Seek Controls for how much time is skipped forward and backward in a video.

I'm sure that many of you can think of more reasons to manage your Raspbmc via FTP but this should give you some good ideas of what you can do with lets get to the tutorial.