My New Lower Third Graphics for the Linux Action Show Print
May 24, 2015

My new Lower Third Graphics for the Linux Action Show, Dual Host shot preview

I do not think I have made a blog post about my involvement with the Jupiter Broadcasting before but this is as good a time as any so here we go. I'm a producer for the Linux Action Show and Linux Unplugged that is made by Jupiter Broadcasting at I do a lot of different things for JB including getting interviews, testing, Mumble management and so on. Recently I've been working on graphical overlays for the "lower thirds" of Linux Action Show and episode #366 of LAS is the first episode to be using my new graphics.


I will replace the Interview shot with the one from the show when it releases but for now I created a sample concept for it. I actually have some more work to do on the overlays such as creating one for the chatroom and possibly more but for now here is the new look.


What do you think of the new LAS Look that I made?


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