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November 14, 2014


Earlier in the week I was informed that my Mosaic Userstyle for Feedly.com was no longer working so after a bit of testing I found the issue and decided to update the Userstyle to work with the latest version of Feedly as well as create a whole new Userstyle that introduces a Responsive Mode to Feedly's app.

1. Fix: fixes an error in 3.1.0 that was created by the latest update to Feedly's webapp.

2. New Feature: added a Responsive mode to the userstyle to get even more items to display.

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Update: November 16th, 2014
I am releasing vesion 4.2.0 due to a report from a user and my additional testing after 4.1.0, please visit the Changelog for more information.




Important Note: I no longer use Feedly so if errors occur I will not see them, which means if you are using this userstyle and notice an issue please let me know so I can fix it...otherwise I won't ever see it and thus won't be fixed.


Feedly's Cards View (Before Userstyle)

As you can see the Cards view looks fairly good but it wastes a lot of space...so much so that you can only read the item titles of just 6 items. This is not acceptable to me which is why I created this userstyle.


My Mosaic Userstyle

Now the items are presented in a nice Grid layout which allows the items to display the thumbnail of the item, item title, mark as read link and the save for later link all in a nice but condensed layout. This save a LOT of space as you can now see 12 items and their item titles simultaneously.


My Responsive Mosaic Userstyle

Now the items are presented in Responsive Mode which removes all the useless whitespace to allow the items to display as many as possible. The screenshot was made at 1920 x 1080 which results in 20 items being displayed at one time, if you have a larger screen resolution then even more items will display.



Learn more about my Mosaic Userstyle



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