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Feedly Mosaic Userstyle Updated to v4.0.0 + New Responsive Mode PDF Print E-mail
November 14, 2014


Earlier in the week I was informed that my Mosaic Userstyle for was no longer working so after a bit of testing I found the issue and decided to update the Userstyle to work with the latest version of Feedly as well as create a whole new Userstyle that introduces a Responsive Mode to Feedly's app.

1. Fix: fixes an error in 3.1.0 that was created by the latest update to Feedly's webapp.

2. New Feature: added a Responsive mode to the userstyle to get even more items to display.

Changelog | RSS Feed


Update: November 16th, 2014
I am releasing vesion 4.2.0 due to a report from a user and my additional testing after 4.1.0, please visit the Changelog for more information.



Improved StarTalk Radio RSS Feeds PDF Print E-mail
October 23, 2014

RSS Feeds for StarTalk Radio


I've been a long time listener for StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson and throughout that time I've subscribed to the RSS feed they provided which has been great. (RSS is Awesome) Recently, the show has added short snippets of the show to the feed in the form of Cosmic Minutes and StarTalk SoundBites which in general are nice because they allow for easier sharing of sections of the show and getting little bits when you don't have the time to listen to the whole show. Unfortunately, these extra bits actually clutter up the RSS feed in my opinion because even though I do want them, I don't want them all in the same feed.


I decided to create these separate feeds based on the feed that the show provides and it worked out quite well so I figured that maybe someone else might be interested in using these feeds. I created a feed for only Episodes, another for Cosmic Minutes, another for StarTalk SoundBites and finally a combination feed of both the Cosmic Minutes and the SoundBites that I refer to as the StarTalk Snippets. If you are interested the links to the feed are provided "after the break"...

14 Potential Alternatives to SourceForge for Binary Downloads PDF Print E-mail
October 18, 2014

14 Potential Alternatives to SourceForge for Binary Downloads


Updated on 22/07/2015:

added new cons due to the "hijacking" and added a misconception section to explain why people are falsely accusing SourceForge over "fake dowload buttons" and why the "hijacking" isn't hijacking.


I've seen a lot of articles from people saying that I "should look for alternatives to SourceForge" for distributing binaries for my Open Source projects. These articles make really good arguments and point a very dim light on SourceForge's download practices. Many of the reasons these articles provide are very valid reasons to look for an alternative, such as SourceForge forces users to a Download Page that serves ads and have at times displayed FAKE "Download Now" buttons that are actually just ads. Another reason for finding an alternative is that SourceForge has started bundling their own installer with downloads (opt-in), this installer contains adware and tactics to trick people into installing things like irritating toolbars. In some cases the installer uses third party servers that SourceForge doesn't have control over so this could be looked at as a massive security hole.


The DevShare Program is not listed as a Con in this article because there is one very big aspect to the DevShare Program that people seem to miss entirely, and that is the program is OPT-IN. SourceForge will NOT force the installer onto projects, the projects have to want it and have to voluntarily add themselves to the DevShare program so yes this can be an issue but it is more the fault of the projects themselves than SourceForge because SourceForge does not force this at all. The link I provided above explains in the last paragraph that it is Opt-In so no one should be hating on SourceForge for this because it isn't a requirement and therefore isn't a reason to not use the service.


All of these articles make great points but they also all do the exact same irritating useless ending...they tell you to "find an alternative" but never actually give options or even compare the different services to find out if there are any alternatives or not. I started researching this topic about 6 months ago and now I'm writing this article to take a look at 14 potential alternatives to using SourceForge for Binary Distribution. I was able to create this list thanks to the website as well as found a few services independently from altTo.

Feedly Mosaic Userstyle, Reclaim Your RSS Grid PDF Print E-mail
April 10, 2013




The outstanding RSS Reader app called Feedly released a new version of the app with v14. Version 14 comes with a lot of new features, bug fixes, speed improvements and much more but unfortunately they decided to kill the "Mosaic" view (Grid) from v14. Feedly decided to replace the "Mosaic" view (my preferred view) with a new "Cards" view which essentially was an attempt to do the vertical column layout style made famous by Pinterest. In my opinion, and many others, this was a mistake. I decided to create a userstyle with the browser addon, Stylish. Before we get to the userstyle that I created and the reasons of why I created should first know what a Userstyle is and what Stylish is.


RSS Feed:
Latest Update: 4.0.0 (November 14th, 2014) - Blog Post for Latest Update

Feedlet: Feedly Add Feed (subscription) Bookmarklet PDF Print E-mail
April 10, 2013


Feedly is Awesome! For those who don't know, Feedly is a cross-platform and cross-browser RSS Reader app. I have used Feedly off and on for years now but due to the closure of Google Reader, Feedly has become a vastly more dominant force in the RSS realm. Feedly has a LOT of great features and tools but there was one thing I wanted to be a little bit easier, the process for adding new feeds (subscriptions) to the application.


I created this Bookmarklet to solve this problem. This bookmarklet works on all browsers and operating systems (except mobile) that Feedly supports and is ridiculously easy to use.


RSS Feed:
Latest Update: 2.0.0 (April 15th, 2013)

[FIXED] Betterfly Overstepping - Auto-Creating Facebook Pages WITHOUT Permission PDF Print E-mail
September 10, 2012

Update 11/19/2012 @ 9:21pm: It appears that the pages that are being auto-generated by Betterfly are not being removed UNLESS you personally request for them to be removed, based on the comments below, because if they were taking them all down there would not be comments to the contrary below. So if this happens to you, report it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to have it removed.

If you want I have provided a quick tutorial for deactivating your Betterfly account at the bottom of this blog appears that it is not currently possible to actually delete an account and that you can only deactivate it.


Update 09/10/2012 @ 3:30pm: I have been contacted by Betterfly and have received confirmation that this was purely is mistake by their system which auto-generated this action and was experienced by more than just me. They have corrected the problem and have deleted the pages that were auto-created. So this was annoying but I will give them credit for addressing this very well done Betterfly on the damage control.


"Better makes people happy", well it is safe to say that I am not at all happy with Betterfly's decision to overstep and create a Facebook page in my name without my permission or knowledge. Google Alerts is an AWESOME service that I will write about in more detail in the future but today I learned (thanks to Google Alerts) that the website decided to do a bit of overstepping by creating a Facebook Page in my name...without my permission or even informing me of it.


The Facebook page, viewable at, was made without my concent or even knowledge. Even if this thing was in their "EULA" or added to it at some point, this is still not an acceptable thing for any company to do...creating profiles/accounts/pages on another site on behalf of their users without their concent or knowledge of such an action is just appalling for any company to do. Even if they are "just trying to help".

LastPass: Last Password You'll Ever Have to Remember? PDF Print E-mail
June 18, 2012


What is LastPass?

LastPass is a Password Manager tool that allows you to only remember one (though purposefully hard-to-remember) password for everything you do online and actually in some cases even for things done offline. LastPass is much more than just a manager though because it also provides tools for Automatic Password Generation, Auto-Fill, Auto-Login, One-Time Passwords, Easy Password Search, Importing Passwords from almost every option imaginable (including 10 I've never heard of) and much MUCH more!


My Quicky Verdict: for people who don't have the patience to read the whole article...

GET IT NOW! LastPass is Amazing, Incredibly Useful, FREE* and something I will never be without! (* - there is a paid version for $12 per YEAR and well worth it!)

Visuex Discontinues ALL Projects & Services for LiveZilla PDF Print E-mail
January 03, 2012

This is a port from an article I made for but it is no longer relevant to VIsuex so I decided to move it here for long term access.


is LiveZilla worth $1,600? short answer: HAHA, NO!


We here at Visuex used to be advocates for LiveZilla, we created Open Source Projects and even started a Design service based on it. However, since the release of Version 4 not only are we no longer advocates but we are now 100% Anti-Livezilla. This article will explain why we stopped using the software as well as the reasoning for why we became Anti-LZ and why our stance of Anti-LZ is so severe as to discontinue our projects and service for it.


Update (05/09/2013): LiveZilla has lowered their priced from $1,600 to now "just" $1,200...still more expensive than TEN combined pro-level Adobe products so not much of an improvement.