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Two Google Translate Bookmarkets PDF Print E-mail
January 18, 2013

Google Translate -


Recently I have been working on a Linux project called "uGet" which is a download manager app for Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, OpenSUSE, etc) and I have been trying to do some social networking for it through Twitter. Turns out a lot of people who use download managers and Linux and Twitter speak languages other than English. "Go Figure" I know, right! Interestingly enough, the most popular language among these users is Indonesian. It doesn't need to be said but I will...I don't know Indonesian AT ALL, so when I want to tell them about uGet I need to use a translator and the best free option right now is Google Translate.

Google has acquired, is shutting it down and why I am happy they are. PDF Print E-mail
August 15, 2012


Google has acquired and has decided to shut down 99% of their products including the cloud based instant messaging client that Meebo is known for. This has probably pissed off a lot of people but I am on the other side of the track as I am quite happy that Google has decided to do this.

Why the lack of customizing the Google +1 Button is awful for website design PDF Print E-mail
September 20, 2011

You see how great that +1 button could look on a dark background site design (like this one)?


Well unfortunately that is impossible because of the way the Google +1 code is setup. You can change the size of the button, the annotation and many other things but for some reason Google has decided that the design and colors of the +1 button can't be touched by anyone which in turn makes it clash with MANY website designs thus making it awful to implement.



How to Quickly & Easily Switch Between Gmail Accounts with Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Print E-mail
September 10, 2011


Google allows you the ability to use multiple gmail accounts at the same time through multiple sign-in or email delegation each with their own pros and cons but for me delegation works best because of no limitation of how many email accounts you can have open at once in one browser (multiple sign-in limit is 3 inboxes). The problem with delegation is that you have to login to the first gmail account and then use dropdown menus to open the other accounts.

This tutorial will show you how to easily and quickly open many different gmail accounts in one browser using bookmarks, quick search keywords and keyboard shortcuts inside the Firefox web browser.