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My Updated 3.18 Packages for GNOME Extensions PDF Print E-mail
Posted on February 12, 2016

Updated packages I made for GNOME 3.18 Extensions


I started releasing extension updates in 2014 due to a lot of extensions being unmaintained and seemingly break every time GNOME releases a new version of the Desktop Environment (DE). This is my third batch release post for GNOME extensions and these extension packages are for GNOME 3.18.

Most of the time when a GNOME Extension breaks, it didn't actually break but GNOME Shell declares it not compatible whether it works or not. The extension breaks are self-imposed arbitrarily by the GNOME project via hardcoded values in an extension's metadata.json file so if maintainers don't continue to update the metadata.json file for each GNOME release, GNOME Shell automatically deems it broken without any testing to see if it works or not. This forced breakage is incredibly annoying and is the main reason people think extensions break every 6 months, the packages provided on this blog post are still fully functional despite GNOME Shell saying they are incompatible. To correct this issue I just updated the metadata of the extensions so now GNOME Shell will see the current version 3.18 in the supported metadata. GNOME could fix this fundamental issue simply by changing it to a blacklist structure, instead of a whitelist, assuming everything works until tested to fail. The problem with that approach is it would require a team of people to test extensions to see if they work or not so until GNOME creates a team for that . . . this cycle of "everything breaks until updated" will just continue.

The following extension packages are for GNOME 3.18 so if you are using GNOME 3.14 then use these packages and GNOME 3.16 users should use these packages.


MT Maintenance Policy:

  • I do not have the time to maintain these extensions in an official capacity with the EGO ( website because that requires me to make a commitment to fix any issues that may arise.
  • However, I am willing to make the commitment to update these packages to each new version of GNOME Shell as long as they continue to work as expected.
  • If an extension breaks in a way that requires a rewrite then I will mark it as broken and future batches will not include that extension.
  • If an extension is picked up by another maintainer, on the official EGO website, then I will mark it as such and it will be removed from future batches.

I originally started making these extension update batches because I was using these extensions on my own setup but I no longer use GNOME as my main DE which is why there was a delay from the GNOME 3.18 release to this batch release. I will try to be more attentive to the updates of 3.20+ versions so these batches will be more timely for anyone who wants these extensions. I am going to continue to maintain these extensions because, based on the download statistics, a lot of people utilize my batches and I don't want to abandon them even though I no longer have need for these extensions.



1. These updated packages are compatible with the official packages so when the official packages update these will be overwritten and will smoothly transition into the official packages.

2. These updated packages will NOT overwrite your settings so you will not have to start over, they are compatible with existing settings.


How-To Fix Your Bootloader for Changes to Intel Microcode (Arch Linux) PDF Print E-mail
Posted on December 25, 2015

Changes to Intel microcode updates - @


I recently realized that there are a lot of people still having issues with the microcode issues on Arch Linux regarding the changes to the Intel bootloader so this is just a quick tutorial that explains how to fix it. I wrote this tutorial as a reply on the Antergos Forum over a year ago so I haven't tested this solution in over a year but after looking over it again I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Anyway, here is how to fix this issue.

The Mayor, William Bell vs Councilman, Marcus Lundy Tonight on RAW! PDF Print E-mail
Posted on December 16, 2015

Click to Enlarge


This morning the Birmingham City Council meeting ended abruptly due to the physical altercation between William Bell, Mayor, and Marcus Lundy, Councilman. The council of my city is known for corruption, members being arrested, wasting city money via "business trips" and now we can add having a fight during a council meeting. This morning's events were so absurd that it compelled me to make an image to commemorate the #BrawlatCityHall.


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Featured on Linux Unplugged to talk about KDE and OpenSUSE PDF Print E-mail
Posted on July 16, 2015

Linux Unplugged Episode 101 - Will Flash Be Trashed?


I was featured on an episode of Linux Unplugged this past Tuesday to talk about my recent experiences with KDE, as a GNOME fanboy, and the new core structure of OpenSUSE with Leap, Tumbleweed and SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE). It was fun to do and even though my throat kind of hurt afterwards, I will most certainly be doing it again. I might not talk as much next time though. :) As a GNOME fanboy, this episode should be interesting to a lot of people, I hope,  to hear why a GNOME fanboy is using and praising KDE. (click "read more" for the video)


KDE segment starts at 51:55 with a few minutes talking about the "Week in GNOME" article.

openSUSE segment starts at 1:19:00.


My New Lower Third Graphics for the Linux Action Show PDF Print E-mail
Posted on May 24, 2015

My new Lower Third Graphics for the Linux Action Show, Dual Host shot preview

I do not think I have made a blog post about my involvement with the Jupiter Broadcasting before but this is as good a time as any so here we go. I'm a producer for the Linux Action Show and Linux Unplugged that is made by Jupiter Broadcasting at I do a lot of different things for JB including getting interviews, testing, Mumble management and so on. Recently I've been working on graphical overlays for the "lower thirds" of Linux Action Show and episode #366 of LAS is the first episode to be using my new graphics.

Facebook Abandons 3rd-Party Messaging so I Abandon Facebook for Telegram PDF Print E-mail
Posted on April 30, 2015

Facebook Abandons 3rd-Party Messaging, apps like Pidgin, so I Abandon Facebook.


I have been using Facebook for many years, I even convinced people to leave Myspace for Facebook back in the day so it has been a site that I promoted for a long time but now Facebook has become a shell of its former self. Facebook is now only interested in locking their users to their platform rather than allowing them to use Facebook as they see fit as it used to be. In 2009, Facebook instituted Facebook Messenger through XMPP which meant I was able to connect my Facebook account to Pidgin or any other multi-protocol Instant Messaging (IM) client that I wanted to. This was great actually because it allowed me to use Facebook Chat without being forced to keep the website open which wasted resources since at the time Facebook's website was quite bloated . . . sadly, now it is actually more bloated.


Today, April 30th 2015, Facebook killed support for 3rd Party applications, like Pidgin, forcing people to make a decision between either giving up and accepting Facebook's lock-in web-client with no ability to use a desktop client of any kind or stop using Facebook Chat altogether. I already stopped using Facebook for many aspects and the only reasons I had an account was because of (1.) Facebook Messenger through Pidgin and (2.) I'm an Internet Marketer so I have to know the system for my job. Now thanks to this stupid decision to abandon XMPP support I now have only ONE reason to use it. I am excited for the day that services like they die and fade away because then the "Open Web" will be that much stronger, as it was meant to be.


Anyway, enough of my babbling, here is the short TL:DR (Too Long : Didn't Read) reason why I made this blog post. I'm will be leaving Facebook Messenger and I'm moving to Telegram. You should come with me . . .

My Updated 3.16 Packages for GNOME Extensions PDF Print E-mail
Posted on April 11, 2015

Updated packages I made for GNOME 3.16 Extensions


GNOME, desktop environment project, released their latest version of 3.16 recently so I decided to make an update to my previous extension package releases. I made a similar post last year for the GNOME 3.14 Release because some of my extension broke. Unfortunately, some of those extensions are still unmaintained and thus not updated for 3.16 either. I checked the download statistics for my extension packages and as it turns out, a LOT of people appreciate these extension updates I did. My GNOME 3.14 Extension Update Packages have reached the download count of 2,310 Downloads, so far. This motivated me to continue the process and make this post for updating the extensions to GNOME 3.16. You'll find the updated 3.16 packages below.



1. These updated packages are compatible with the official packages so when the official packages update these will be overwritten and will smoothly transition into the official packages.

2. These updated packages will NOT overwrite your settings so you will not have to start over, they are compatible with existing settings.


Feedly Mosaic Userstyle Updated to v4.0.0 + New Responsive Mode PDF Print E-mail
Posted on November 14, 2014


Earlier in the week I was informed that my Mosaic Userstyle for was no longer working so after a bit of testing I found the issue and decided to update the Userstyle to work with the latest version of Feedly as well as create a whole new Userstyle that introduces a Responsive Mode to Feedly's app.

1. Fix: fixes an error in 3.1.0 that was created by the latest update to Feedly's webapp.

2. New Feature: added a Responsive mode to the userstyle to get even more items to display.

Changelog | RSS Feed


Update: November 16th, 2014
I am releasing vesion 4.2.0 due to a report from a user and my additional testing after 4.1.0, please visit the Changelog for more information.



Improved StarTalk Radio RSS Feeds PDF Print E-mail
Posted on October 23, 2014

RSS Feeds for StarTalk Radio


I've been a long time listener for StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson and throughout that time I've subscribed to the RSS feed they provided which has been great. (RSS is Awesome) Recently, the show has added short snippets of the show to the feed in the form of Cosmic Minutes and StarTalk SoundBites which in general are nice because they allow for easier sharing of sections of the show and getting little bits when you don't have the time to listen to the whole show. Unfortunately, these extra bits actually clutter up the RSS feed in my opinion because even though I do want them, I don't want them all in the same feed.


I decided to create these separate feeds based on the feed that the show provides and it worked out quite well so I figured that maybe someone else might be interested in using these feeds. I created a feed for only Episodes, another for Cosmic Minutes, another for StarTalk SoundBites and finally a combination feed of both the Cosmic Minutes and the SoundBites that I refer to as the StarTalk Snippets. If you are interested the links to the feed are provided "after the break"...

14 Potential Alternatives to SourceForge for Binary Downloads PDF Print E-mail
Posted on October 18, 2014

14 Potential Alternatives to SourceForge for Binary Downloads


Updated on 22/07/2015:

added new cons due to the "hijacking" and added a misconception section to explain why people are falsely accusing SourceForge over "fake dowload buttons" and why the "hijacking" isn't hijacking.


I've seen a lot of articles from people saying that I "should look for alternatives to SourceForge" for distributing binaries for my Open Source projects. These articles make really good arguments and point a very dim light on SourceForge's download practices. Many of the reasons these articles provide are very valid reasons to look for an alternative, such as SourceForge forces users to a Download Page that serves ads and have at times displayed FAKE "Download Now" buttons that are actually just ads. Another reason for finding an alternative is that SourceForge has started bundling their own installer with downloads (opt-in), this installer contains adware and tactics to trick people into installing things like irritating toolbars. In some cases the installer uses third party servers that SourceForge doesn't have control over so this could be looked at as a massive security hole.


The DevShare Program is not listed as a Con in this article because there is one very big aspect to the DevShare Program that people seem to miss entirely, and that is the program is OPT-IN. SourceForge will NOT force the installer onto projects, the projects have to want it and have to voluntarily add themselves to the DevShare program so yes this can be an issue but it is more the fault of the projects themselves than SourceForge because SourceForge does not force this at all. The link I provided above explains in the last paragraph that it is Opt-In so no one should be hating on SourceForge for this because it isn't a requirement and therefore isn't a reason to not use the service.


All of these articles make great points but they also all do the exact same irritating useless ending...they tell you to "find an alternative" but never actually give options or even compare the different services to find out if there are any alternatives or not. I started researching this topic about 6 months ago and now I'm writing this article to take a look at 14 potential alternatives to using SourceForge for Binary Distribution. I was able to create this list thanks to the website as well as found a few services independently from altTo.


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